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Komerctransporta noma

Komerctransporta noma

You can completely rely on us while having an important business trip. We guarantee a successful and safe driving.

Vieglo automašīnu noma

Vieglo automašīnu noma

Our company provides an impressive selection of luxury cars for first class business and private short distance trips.

Būvtehnikas noma

Būvtehnikas noma

Iznomājam celtniecības moduļus, Betona grīdu ieklāšanas iekārtas, Aizsargbarjeras un citas Būvniecības iekārtas un aprīkojumu.

How it works?

Apply the App

Our company has its own app for the customers comfort usage anytim, anywhere. Join our network to receive regular updates.

Choose a Car

Book any car for just an hour or full 7 days, with no limitation.

Pick up a Card

Our cards are easy to use: hold it ot the windshield, or tap the app. There you go, inside!

Enjoy Driving

Our app gives you the opportunity to quickly and effectively apply online. After, we send you a card to acces the vehicle.

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